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My name is Patricia Díaz. I've been teaching Spanish and English as second languages since 2004 and I've worked as a professional translator for the last 7 years.

I studied to become a teacher of Spanish and English philology at the National University of Salta in Argentina. My academic training was also on the different varieties of the Spanish language across the world.

So, whether you’re interested in learning Spanish from Argentina, Mexico, Spain or any other Spanish speaking country, I can help you achieve this goal with outstanding results.

  • I'm an excellent tutor. There is no better reference than the feedback I’ve gotten from my students along the years.

  • I have a native level of English while Spanish is my mother tongue. I also know some French, German and I'm currently studying Dutch. Learning languages has given me the opportunity to have the "student perspective" which has made me a much better teacher. I am able to understand my students' needs, confusions, and frustrations as my own and from there build new methods of instruction that aid in the construction of new knowledge.

  • I've never taught the same course twice. I tailor every single one of my courses to the requirements and needs of each student, from the planning to the actual teaching, creating new material every time it is needed.

  • My patience knows no limits and I pride myself in being able to find hundreds of ways of explaining difficult/complex topics.

  • I'm a highly committed, responsible and professional person, eager to learn and in permanent training. I can make Spanish lessons especially for you, according to your knowledge, needs and interests.

  • When you take classes with me, you don’t need to buy expensive books that may or may not be suitable for you. I will provide you with custom-made study material perfectly adapted to your level and needs.

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  • Teaching and Bachelor studies in Philology and Universal Literature at Universidad Nacional de Salta, Salta, Argentina.

  • Seminar La Didáctica del Español como Lengua Extranjera (Teaching methodology for Spanish as a second language) at Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina.

  • Private face-to-face and online ELE, ESL and DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) teacher in Dossenheim, Germany.

  • Studies coordinator and ELE/ESL teacher at Spanish Lessons in Salta, Argentina

  • ESL teacher for employees at the mining company ADY Limited Resources, Enirgi Group in Salta, Argentina and for university students at Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina.

  • ELE teacher for American students beneficiaries of the Fulbright Scholarship Program in Salta, Argentina and Instituto de Idioma y Cultura Bien Argentino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • ELE teacher at Instituto de Idioma y Cultura Bien Argentino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Spanish Language and Literature teacher and organizer of writing and reading workshops in Salta, Argentina.

  • Lecturer at several workshops on Spanish Language and Literature in Salta, Argentina.

  • Teacher and organizer of an orientation course in Spanish Language about cognitive and linguistic strategies for reading comprehension and writing at Profesorado Superior de Lenguas Vivas, Salta, Argentina.

  • ESL teacher for university students at Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina.

Our Courses
Tailored just for you

All of our courses are planned and made according to the needs, interests and knowledge of each student.

Prices include a placement test, a free of charge trial lesson, a certificate, high quality material with color prints, exercises, explanations, and listening activities especially made for the level you have and the course you choose.

Have a look at all courses

1. Individual and group classes.

2. Online lessons through Skype.

3. Spanish courses of 10, 20 and 40 hours.

4. Spanish courses + cultural lessons (history, geography, folkloric music and dances, literature of the Spanish speaking country of your choice).

5. Spanish courses for foreign Spanish teachers.

6. Preparation courses to take DELE exams.

7. Intensive Spanish courses for cultural immersion.

8. Spanish courses for specific study fields.

9. Spanish conversations classes.


Option 1: Spanish Course 10 hours: € 280*
(this is the only option for students who take one hour of class per week)

Option 2: Spanish Course 12 hours: € 312*
(the course must be completed within eight weeks)

Option 3: Spanish Course 18 hours: € 432* + 1 hour free of charge.
(the course must be completed within twelve weeks)

Option 4: Spanish Course 24 hours: € 528* + 2 hours free of charge.
(the course must be completed within six months)

Option 5: “Libre como el viento”
€ 36* per hour of lesson1
(you take as many hours of lessons per week as desired without booking any courses).

*Final prices. 21% VAT included
1subject to availability


Option 1: Spanish Course 12 hours: € 210* (per student)
(the course must be completed within six weeks)

Option 2: Spanish Course 18 hours: € 342* (per student)
(the course must be completed within twelve weeks)

Option 3: Spanish Course 24 hours: € 408* (per student)
(the course must be completed within six months)

** Group lessons = from 2 – 4 students max.

*Final prices. 21% VAT included

All courses include a placement test;
Custom made lessons;
Study material specifically created and selected for each student;
Invitation to several and different cultural events;
Free access to the library of the school.

Do you have a better idea for
your Spanish classes?

Send us a message and let us know!

We can make your wishes come true.

you know
that ...

...Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people around the world?

...Spanish is the second most studied language in the world?

...Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for Dutch speakers who also know English ? According to the experts, it’ll take you around 22-24 weeks to achieve what is called general professional proficiency in reading and speaking.

...the United States has 45 million people who speak Spanish as their first, second or heritage language? By 2050 it will become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world!

...after Latin, the language with the most historical influence on Spanish has been Arabic?

...some countries use the term “español” and others prefer “ castellano” to refer to Spanish? Both terms are used for Spanish because they are synonyms, but “español” is less ambiguous; so it's preferable to use it for “Spanish” and leave “Castellano” for the Spanish spoken in the area of Castilla.

...accent marks are used in Spanish for two different purposes? To show where emphasis falls on a word when it is pronounced, and to help differentiate between identically-spelled words, for example,  camino  (way, road) and caminó (past tense for caminar-walk). They are only used above vowels (á, é, í, ó, ú).

...“e” is the most used letter in Spanish with 16%, while “w” is the least used, with only 0.01%? The most used word in Spanish is the preposition “de”, and the largest word in Spanish, with 25 letters, is esternocleidomastoiditis, but this is a medical term barely used outside this specific context. The 24-letter word electroencefalografistas is often cited as the longest Spanish word.

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